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  • We are impressed with Raju Joseph's and Back 2 Farms technical expertise in the field of Rain water harvesting, Roof top Green houses and drip irrigation. He always delivers on time with quality work and follow up. I found his advices on those areas relevant and saved considerable costs for me. I highly recommend him to others for his service.

    Vipin Viswam , Yugen Agro Garden

  • I was in search for drail cell and geotextile for roof garden purpose which was unavailable at this pandemic situation. I had shared this with Raju and he had arranged and delivered at the right time which was a great help at the moment.

    Jiboy Thamby, Planters Landscaping Company

  • Getting poison free vegetable is a dream for us. when we grown our own, faced many challenges last few years. When we met Mr. Raju Joseph’s of Back 2 Farm gave us wonderful solution for high tech roof top poly house. He executed excellently with affordable price by considering all our considerations. I highly recommend Raju and team Back 2 Farm for you any kind of water needs and agricultural support.

    Sasi K K , Maxdent Ortho

  • Excellent rain water harvesting work carried out at our site at Kuttikkad highly recommended and dedicated personal to carry out the works. i recommend his rain water harvesting systems to all sites.

    Sanjay K Balan, Balan Associates Home Furnishing

  • We connected Mr Raju Joseph for a personal work. We found he as professional, very hardworking, dedicated and timely. He advised us too which we found Very beneficial. We hereby recommend Back 2 Farm for all our future services.

    Jijesh George , We Tech Automation

  • N.K Shiju from Sharekhan recommend Mr. Raju Joseph’s Back 2 Farm for their tremendous work done. They have quality product and skilled labour which made the project successful I highly recommend Mr. Raju Joseph Back 2 Farm for quality service in the field of waters supply and Environment.

    N K Shiju, Sharekhan Franchise

  • We got a challenging renovation work for a mushroom farm from Trivandrum. We connected with Raju Joseph and his team, as usual, he comes up with the best solution. My client is very happy and satisfied. I recommend Raju Joseph for those who are coming to the new generation of protected farming. He is having a professional and enthusiastic team. We are happy to collaborate with Back 2 Farm Pvt. Ltd and wish you all the success.

    Jithu Thomas, Leena's Mushroom Farms Llp